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Into a better future with ZIM

We are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

should function as beacons for positive future development in the long term. Getting closer to them means a better world for everyone. As a company, we want to make our contribution to achieving these goals.
Our three pillars of responsible and sustainable action are derived from this:

Sustainability in all areas


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We improve our environmental performance through our environmental management system in accordance with the EMAS regulation, our product life cycle analyses, our sustainable production and our hybrid company fleet.

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Measures such as the job bike, language courses and continuing education for our employees as well as the construction of a new, energy-efficient and barrier-free building improve our social response.

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Factors such as improved energy consumption, minimization of resource consumption and more environmentally oriented corporate governance contribute to business sustainability and better financial performance.

Sustainable for our environment

We are committed to a better future

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ZIM products make a direct contribution to environmentally friendly air traffic in a significant way: They are weight-optimized and thus directly save kerosene and greenhouse gas emissions.


Through innovative LOPAS concepts and space-saving interior solutions ZIM products increase the efficiency of global air traffic.

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In our operation and production, we are reducing our resource consumption and CO2 emissions as much as possible. In doing so, we want to reduce our footprint.


Increase positive effects and reduce negative effects.
With our initiatives, we want to record, measure and evaluate the positive sustainability effects of our products. Social and economic aspects are included.

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We promote equality, health, and education every day.

Social Policy

Employees, working conditions and practices, health and safety standards, mental health, and community relationships, including product stewardship

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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

In line with our social responsibility, we create working conditions that promote the common good and improve the quality of work for our employees.

Diversity —
Diversity Charter

We are convinced that diverse teams increase — under certain conditions — the innovative potential in the company.

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Our employees benefit from a sustainable, innovative work environment, training programs for development and flexible working hours for a good work-life balance.

About our job benefits

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Sustainable corporate governance

We live by our sustainable values at ZIM

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Management and all executives represent the company's values, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, customers and the wider public. Sustainability in the company and personal action is promoted.

Code of Conduct

Our standards of conduct define strategic and operational, binding rules for dealing with the legal, economic and ethical challenges of everyday business life. The ZIM Code of Conduct provides the ethical and legal basis for translating our values into appropriate conduct.

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Responsible sourcing, supply chain

We conduct responsible supply chain management. In compliance with corporate due diligence obligations in our supply chains,
We create a lasting effect between people, the environment and corporate success.

data protection,
information security

With the help of our Information Security Management System (ISMS), we know the risks and take appropriate measures to securely protect our sensitive information from threats such as loss, theft, manipulation or destruction.

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The product life cycle at ZIM


The product life cycle forms the basis of our innovative and sustainable product development and processing

The proactive linking and analysis of all aspects of sustainability along the entire product life cycle helps us to make the right decisions for greater sustainability. As early as the product planning and design phase, the course for both product-related costs and environmental effects is set to a significant extent.

resource extraction

Is the process by which raw materials are extracted from the natural environment. In doing so, we make sure to select environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in order to minimize the impact on ecosystems. By using recycled or renewable resources, we lay the foundation for a reduced ecological footprint and promote the conservation of natural habitats.

resource processing

Includes the transformation of raw materials into usable materials for production. In this phase, we rely on energy-efficient processes and environmentally friendly technologies to reduce emissions and waste. By using green electricity and implementing closed cycles, we actively contribute to resource conservation and support sustainable development.


Is a systematic and comprehensive product design approach to reduce environmental impact over the entire life cycle through improved product design and ecological innovations. In this phase of the product life cycle, we influence the further phases of value creation and the material life cycle.


Is the process by which the components and parts of aircraft seats are manufactured. Through the close cooperation of our development department with suppliers, targeted measures are developed which aim to optimize production processes, including saving materials and energy. This leads to a reduction in emissions.


Refers focus on the distribution and sale of finished aircraft seats. In this phase, we work closely with our partners to develop sustainable packaging solutions and make transportation as environmentally friendly as possible. We promote the use of digital technology to reduce paper consumption and support CO2 compensation initiatives for logistics processes.


Describes the phase in which aircraft seats are used by end users. We design products that are durable and easy to maintain to maximize their lifespan and avoid wasting resources. Through innovative designs and materials, we improve energy efficiency and comfort, resulting in a lower environmental footprint during use.

End of life

Includes the last phase of the product life cycle in which the aircraft seat is no longer used. Here, we focus on dismantling and reusing materials and components. We implement take-back programs and work with recycling companies to ensure that as many parts as possible can be recycled and that environmental impact is minimized.


Is the process of removing non-reusable parts safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. By working with specialist waste management companies and complying with strict environmental regulations, we ensure that all waste is handled properly. Our goal is to avoid landfilling and return materials to the cycle to promote a sustainable future.