„Consistently anchor sustainability in our core business“

Sustainability at ZIM Aircraft Seating

Long-term thinking and acting are an integral part of our corporate strategy and our social responsibility. The main focus of our strategy is to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our systems and decision-making processes. We are heavily investing in research to identify new solutions that reduce the weight of our products and improve the efficiency of every flight. We are implementing state-of-the-art energy practices at our manufacturing sites, and encourage our employees and suppliers to embrace green living. We are continuously minimizing our own footprint through efficient use of energy and materials. And on the other hand, we maximize the handprint of our customers with our innovative products and services. Light weight ZIM seats are already significantly reducing the consumption of natural resources and CO2 emissions around the world. In short: We improve our environmental balance and that of our customers.

Our Focus Topics





Weight Management

We are aware of the responsibility we bear with the weight of our products since it has a direct impact on aircraft fuel consumption.

Therefore, weight management is one of the most important metric through all processes. With significant weight reduction year over year, we are focusing on lightweight products more than any anyone else.

We offer lightweight solutions and invest in technology that can help building lighter and more sustainable products in the future. Weight management is a top priority in the development of any new seat and our team is dedicated to this topic through each step in a development project.

Supply Chain

We are focusing on the integration of sustainable practices into all levels of our supply chain. It is our aim to collaborate with suppliers and to safeguard the supply of resources while we are supporting the implementation of sustainability actions at each of our supplier.

The criteria we follow in choosing new suppliers or continuing a relationship with an existing supplier are highly professionalized with a transparent criteria catalogue. Cultivating a sustainable supply chain also helps to extend the lifecycle of our seat products.


Less is more. Footprint typifies the amount of resources that we use for our products and services. Our aim is to significantly reduce energy and materials used, and to continuously reduce waste, non-conformities and emissions.

To achieve this, we initiated the “Act Now” project. It contains specific guidelines on how much and how quickly we will reduce our CO2 emissions. With energy efficiency projects like the conversion of our production site to geothermal energy and the purchase of “green electricity”, we are sending clear signals on this path.


With innovative ZIM seating solutions, our customers reduce their resource consumption and emissions. The larger this handprint, the greater the benefit for the environment and customers.

Some examples: Since years, weight reduction is in focus and continues to be our most significant focus point. However, that’s only one side of the coin, we are also focusing on new materials to increase durability of seats to extend the service life, runtime and maintenance intervals.