Business Class Seat

ZIMluxury is a short and medium haul Business Class seat that was designed with the focus on light weight materials and passenger comfort. The mechanical activated Business Class seat is a proven performer inflight. It enables easy use of different features to enjoy a relaxed flight. With its ergonomic shape, and generous and flexible equipment options, the ZIMluxury seat sets new standards for comfort and functionality in the short haul Business Class and adds significantly to customer wellbeing

Key Facts

  • Mechanical Seat with a lot of features and comfort
  • Pitch distances from 36”
  • Recline up to 9”
  • Weight 26,5kg (excl. options)

Key Features

  • Elegant cocktail table included in centre console
  • Light weight 4-way head rest
  • Single piece meal table for maximum eating comfort
  • Intelligent life vest compartment included in the centre console
  • Storage for personal belongings in centre console
  • Light weight seat pan with articulation
  • Design coat hook with push-push function


  • Innovative Lazy-Z articulation
  • Comfortable 6-way head rest
  • Design amenity pocket integrated in back shell
  • Foot rest rear mounted (T-/U-bar)
  • Lowerable arm rest
  • Reading light
  • Ambient light
  • Bottle storage
  • In-arm video system in the center console, e.g. to use a touch-screen monitor

LOPAS and IFE Integration

  • The business class seat can be equipped with all common IFE systems and is compatible with personal devices
  • PCU
  • PC power
  • USB power
  • IFE video screen
  • Handset and cradle
  • Installation of LRU’s in E-compartment of centre console

Additional Information

The ZIMluxury offers airlines a platform for which they can customize to their own unique brand.

  • With selectable options you can customize the ZIMmagic.
  • Adaptable to all common IFE systems and improved compatibility with personal electrical devices.

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