PC01 – ZIMmagic

PC01 – ZIMmagic

Premium Economy Class Seat

The PC01 – ZIMmagic Premium Economy Seat is designed to offer a modern, comfortable and spacious living space whilst not compromising cabin density.
The ergonomic structure offers passengers a spacious living area with an optimised 38” pitch providing excellent cabin density whilst a wide centre console equipped with cocktail tray, a one piece meal table and in-seat power outlets see to the needs of the passenger.

ZIMmagic Premium Economy Class Sitz


  • Recline up to 8“
  • Seat width between arm rest 17” – 19,5”
  • Centre console with cocktail table
  • 4 way headrest, adjustable
  • Single piece meal table
  • Life-vest compartment in the centre console
  • Articulating seat pan
  • Personal belonging storage
  • Literature pocket
  • Coat hook
  • modern and innovative design MADE IN GERMANY

Options & Customisation

  • Lazy-Z articulation (tilted)
  • 6 way headrest, adjustable
  • Cushion Customisation: comfort/ DVT/ flotation
  • Customisable Centre console
  • Amenity pocket on back shell
  • Foot-rest rear (T-/U-bar)
  • Leg-rest
  • Leg-rest with deployable foot-bar (front row)
  • DOT compliant lowering armrest console aisle side
  • Reading light
  • Water bottle storage
  • In-seat power options for PC and USB
  • IFE audio, video screen size up to 15,6”
  • Handset and cradle