Modular Seat Concept for customer satisfaction

Innovative Design for all Aircraft Layout and Configurations

From Conception to Realization
In order to meet the growing market demand for eco-friendly products, minimizing the weight of the seat was established as the primary design objective from the very beginning. The seat is made from high strength-to-weight ratio materials such as aluminum alloys and carbon fibre reinforced composites. The use of such materials allows the seats to have a high strength but a relatively low weight.  All structural parts have also been optimized during the design stage so that they are as light as possible.

A Modular Concept – Common Component Parts for Various Seat Models
Different seat models can be made from common component parts (modules). This reduces the total number of parts used. Each model can have a different combination of features as both standard and customized designs are available. These features include the degree of recline and the availability of a foot-rest.

Furthermore, the seats can be customized for short, medium and long range flights.  Because of the use of common modules, seats which were originally configured for short-range flights can be easily modified so that they can be used for long range flights.  In addition, business class comfort can be extended to the economy class by using the Premium Economy Model.


Economy Class

Economy Class seats can be configured for short, medium and long haul flights.
Customers can choose from a range of different design features for the seats.

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Premium Economy Class

Business class comfort can be now extended to the economy class.
The ZIM FLUGSITZ Premium Economy Class seats are a great innovation in the market.

Business Class

We offer a standard configuration that can be customized according to customer needs.
Please refer to the illustrations.

We guarantee a high technical level and ultimate comfort of our products.

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Business Class

Economy Class Flightseats
Economy Class Flugsitz
Premium Economy Class Flightseats